Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bad Yogi

I’m supposed to be doing yoga now…but I was bad! I woke up hungry,wandered into the kitchen in my yoga clothes,and ate a strawberry.Well it all went downhill from there as I saw the oatmeal,the Goji berries,the Agave…and now I’m eating oatmeal with blueberries and Goji berries.Oh pooh! Traditionally you are supposed to practice yoga on an empty stomach,which was a bit tricky when I went to class,as I usually had to wait two hours after I got up,plus I have low blood sugar,so I usually had yogurt or toast or something light.And I rarely have a problem here at home at not eating before yoga…except today.

Which brings me to another favorite summer topic..or favorite topic altogether…

BERRIES! It’s starting on berry season in California,and will be berry season in July and August when I am in Washington! I can’t wait to pick fresh blackberries warm from the sun,gobble up marion berries,blue berries,raspberries…oh what a treat! Always healthier to eat them in their natural season instead of imported from Chile or Mexico!
viva la Berries!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Have I been neglecting you? I think so.Well,tumblr is just so much simpler.My apologies.Not that anyone actually reads this on a regular basis though! It's memorial day...I'm sure people are starting to awaken and hurry off to the beach already.Got a lot of cleaning and organizing to do.A run later.Oh that's right no mail :-(
I made a delicious juice for breakfast,will finish it for lunch
-two strawberries
-half a papaya
-an orange
-one cup of water
I need to give my digestive system a bit of a break,so just lots of fresh juices for few days.Should be back to new soon!
soo sunny ugh

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Admitting It! Addiction 101

For not the first time,I am addicted...to sugar.This past week I was running a lot and fresh fruit got me through the morning, coconut water after the run,and chocolate in the mid afternoon.Hence,I have become a true sugar junkie.The past three days I charged to the store in the afternoon to get my fix of chocolate.At least, the last sugar I had was an organic,raw local brownie made with agave nectar and dates instead of processed sugar.
I don't feel good.When your body starts to become addicted to one food or ingredient,you start to question yourself.I really don't think it's serious, not like other addictions, but I nevertheless don't feel healthy.
Time to make the cut...
that is,until I have finished my last chocolate bar...
Dagoba Goji Berry...MMMM

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Vegans by Elizabeth Gordon

When many people think of the term "vegan" they immediately picture a malnourished, stick-in-the-mud, chopping on a head of lettuce while longing for a Big Mac dipped in cheese sauce. And, of course, as vegans we know that couldn't be farther from the truth. Without further adieu, here is a list of ten things everyone should know about vegans.

1. Vegans love to eat. Or make that loooove to eat. Our taste buds and appetites are in fine working order. We salivate, drool, get food cravings, and can chow down, gobble up, and overindulge with the best of 'em. And all with plants! (Not that we're bragging.)

2. Vegans aren't masochists. Being vegan doesn't mean deprivation or sacrifice—our lives are richer, not poorer, for following a plant-based diet. And we don't get off on hair shirts or self-flagellation, either, just for the record.

3. Vegans have a sense of humor. That's right. Your average vegan is not an incessantly intense, laughter-impaired stick-in-the-mud. We like to have fun as much as the next person; we're just not going to torture animals to do it.

4. Vegans aren't all malnourished skinny bitches. We're female and male, we come in all shapes and sizes, and we're probably the healthiest people you know.

5. Vegans aren't just young, privileged, and white. We proudly count among our number people of color, the working class, and folks of every age. And we're getting more diverse all the time. Because you don't need a certain skin color, bank balance, or birthday to be an ethical eater.

6. Vegans care about people. Just because vegans are deeply compassionate toward animals doesn't mean we're misanthropes. Far from it. We don't want any of our fellow earthlings—whether two-legged or four-legged, furred or feathered or finned—to suffer or be exploited.

7. Vegans don't rely on "willpower." Veganism isn't about gritting your teeth and toughing it out every time you pass a burger joint. We're not white-knuckling it every day of our lives. Once the logic and beauty of veganism clicks in, the rest becomes easy. Anyone can do it. Even you.

8. Vegans aren't following a "fad." Sure, it seems chic to be vegan these days, what with rap stars and former Presidents all championing a vegan diet. But trust us, this isn't a blip on the cultural radar (like the macarena or singing plastic fish). As the economic, environmental, and ethical hazards of animal-based food systems are made increasingly evident, the more mainstream veganism will become.

9. Vegans understand you. The great majority of vegans weren't raised that way. We've gnawed our share of babyback ribs, noshed on McNuggets, ordered pizza with extra pepperoni—and there was a time when we couldn't imagine giving up any of those things. Ever. Sound familiar?

10. Vegans are optimists. And that's because we know, first-hand, that change is possible. We see how our own lives have transformed, how a diet that once sounded impossibly radical now feels completely sensible and indispensable. We know if we can change, anybody can. And we know that every little change means a little less suffering, a little less cruelty, a little better world.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Neeuw Stuff

Ok I don't why I used the Dutch spelling for new-haha! Perhaps reminiscing over the beautiful times I've had at Hop en Grut and that I won't be there for Benedetta's birthday next month.Oh well.
Yogarden was great last night,as usual.I painted as a live artist for the first time,which induced a nerve racking walk down there (you know how shy fairies are!), but ultimately,it was SO much fun! I did the moon and sun theme,with lots of reds,purples and gold in it.Hard to explain.Gary's daughter came up and complained about the purple and how she likes green more..so I put in some green along the side and bottom for her! Ah, the audacity and fun of youth!
Thanks to the crystal singing bowls,I was totally relaxed after about two hours of painting.I was revived with Kelly's delicious raw carrot cake...and transported out of this realm and back by her raw cacao coconut almond "epiphany" (my nickname) bite.MMMM! She is doing a fantastic job bringing such delectable as well as healthy treats to us vegans who don't want frozen or pre packaged! You just have to wait for it..but it's SO WORTH IT!
here she is...http://goldielocksgrinds.wordpress.com/
Right now I am munching on a raw spianch cucumber carrot and avocado salad with some olive oil. I have to admit,I am not a salad person.Give me a bowl of fruit or a yummy soup with a side of toasted quinoa and pesto! But I've talking myself into having more raw intake,in just more than my morning juices.So swiss chard,arugula, braising greens, and spinach have been appearing more often.I don't have the system to digest most raw vegetables, so I usually steam asparagus,broccoli, and others for lunch.
In Arizona earlier this month,I introduced my grandparents to quinoa,made pizza for them,and also a butternut squash soup made from a local one I grabbed at the farmer's market! And their local asparagus was just amazing! MMm
p.s. my favorite afternoon snack:
unsweetened chocolate almond milk with frozen apple banana and cinnamon smoothie.delicious!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Style Secrets

Style is something that everyone, especially women,seem to be paying attention to these days. Rachel Zoe,Amanda Brooks,Lauren Santo Domingo,Hanneli Mustaparta,Kate Young..the list keeps going on and on.

However I’d like to focus on one aspect of style which you doesn’t require you to buy clothes/accessories,books,lose weight,cut your hair,try a certain Chanel nail polish..etc.

Style,I feel, is the rudimentary basis of who you are.How you channel yourself through life.How you identify yourself, interact with people, react and act in situations.It’s more than the way you walk or shimmy, the gestures you make when talking, the pace you set in your daily life.

It really doesn’t matter so much what you are wearing, but your mood and personality,individualism and spirt which truly make you stand out. I find myself smiling so much, full of positive energy, literally glowing with happiness. This really does make you stand out, even if that’s not your goal, which is exactly how I feel.

The most vital thing about you and your style is to share it with others. Perhaps that’s why I’ve found the traditionally “stylish” people I’ve met or seen around so uninspiring.Their look and personality is geared mainly on themselves, they won’t open themselves up, and if something starts to chip away at them, they become a wreck.

Who cares what weight you are? Whether your jeans are black, skinny,secondhand or flared? If what contains your belongings is a canvas bag or a Chanel tote? It doesn’t matter at all…what matters is you.

Love you!

Friday, March 11, 2011


What an eventful evening ! going for my evening stroll around 8:30,I passed a lady on a corner screeching into her phone: “a 9.8 earthquake hit Japan and you betta get your boat outa da harbor tonite!!!” I figured it would be ok to continue with my walk…got home, and sure enough, so much damage to Japan and a surefire tsunami warning for here (Hawai’i) expected between 2 and 3 am.

Then the horns. Those loud tsunami warning horns which blare for minutes, chill you to the bone and certainly scare the dickens out of children and animals.They sounded every hour from 9 pm to 3 am. Plus two of my neighbors are firemen,so they were shuttling off in their huge SUVs between here and their stations it seemed all night long. One had evacuees on his lawn, and the dogs in this neighborhood were really unsettled.

Thankfully I live a few miles up from the beach, and out of the inundation zone, but so many were evacuated. Thankfully there don’t seem to be any casualties on this island,but it is hard to get the thorough information even now.

On a culinary note, have been making pesto alla Tajna (me) quite often.It’s delicious with steamed asparagus,brussel spouts,cauliflower,broccoli, and roasted quinoa with avocado.

-two cups lightly chopped basil

-half a cup roasted nuts,walnuts are healthiest but macadamias are the local ones and yummiest for me

-half a cup olive oil

-big tablespoon of miso

combine all these into a blender/food processor, pulse until ready.

Prayers and positive energy to all in Japan.